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Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management announces the sale of 173 Bloomfield Ave in Nutley

March 8, 2021

CCIM designation paves the way for a successful close.

The CCIM designation is more than just a school. It’s more than just technology – it’s relationships. When you are introduced to a CCIM, you know you are starting off at a very high standard. This is the reason why CCIM to CCIM referrals are so successful. Chris Cervelli has worked with CCIMs frequently in the past and has just closed another successful transaction from an out-of-state referral.

Aaron Gingerelli, a CCIM out of Montana, had a family member who owned a building in New Jersey. That family member had tried to sell their property with a local realtor but was unsuccessful. When that family member approached Aaron for help, he knew exactly where to go: Find a CCIM.com

It didn’t take long for Aaron to locate Chris Cervelli, a CCIM based out of New Jersey who also happened to be located very close  to the family member’s property. Aaron was comfortable referring Chris, because he knew that as a fellow CCIM Chris would deliver a high level of service, market expertise and accountability. Chris studied the market dynamics, positioned the property correctly and found a buyer who was looking for just this type of property to house their business.

Aaron’s involvement, although he was 2,000 miles away, was helpful when conveying market data to his family member. As fellow CCIMs, there was a level of automatic trust from the start. The CCIM designation also created a very comfortable dialogue as both Aaron and Chris spoke the same language in terms of comps, market value and buyer needs. Having gone through a bad experience before, it was no surprise that the seller was guarded. Aaron was able to manage these expectations, which helped the deal close successfully. “Aaron has a strong understanding of market forces that drive value, and this was very helpful to the process,” said Chris Cervelli, CCIM, CPM, Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management.


“Chris Cervelli is a very knowledge and capable commercial broker who instantly put me at ease with his understanding of my client’s situation and who the likely buyer might be. Chris was responsive and transparent and had backups for everything that he said. I would strongly recommend Chris Cervelli to any CCIM with a client need in the New York and New Jersey markets,” said Aaron Gingerelli, CCIM.