“I have worked with Chris several times in the past. Besides being past president of my local chapter, I have called upon him to help me with projects I was working on. Each time Chris has demonstrated professionalism, accountability and market expertise. I would highly recommend Chris if your looking for help on your next project or referral.``
Brian Whitmer,CCIM
“ I hired Chris Cervelli several years ago to perform some valuation work for me as I had a client located in NJ and I was located in Virginia. I initially found Chris through the CCIM Network of which I was a part of. After working with him, I found him to be very professional, responsive and thorough. If you need any commercial property sold, managed, or evaluated professionally, I recommend you call Chris Cervelli, CCIM.”
Bobby Morris, CCIM
“ I hired Chris Cervelli several years ago to perform some valuation work for me as I had a client located in NJ and I was located in Virginia. I initially found Chris through the CCIM Network of which I was a part of. After working with him, I found him to be very professional, responsive and thorough. If you need any commercial property sold, managed, or evaluated professionally, I recommend you call Chris Cervelli, CCIM.”
Bobby Morris, CCIM
“Chris Cervelli helped me and my family sell a building in the heights section of Jersey City. The property was held in an estate which created some unique challenges. Additionally, there was an issue with an underground storage tank and the contractor who was doing the work, but Chris was able to generate solutions that ultimately led the deal to close. He is a resourceful broker who I would recommend to anyone looking to sell.
Joe Castelli, Seller
Real Estate Brokers prove their value by the relationships they have, and their access to information. I was interested in a building that had some issues, however Chris Cervelli had information that other brokers did not, and it turned out the issue was not that serious. The property fit my portfolio perfectly at the time I needed it. Chris is entrenched in the Hudson County market and is an expert in the area. If you are looking to buy or sell property, you need to speak with Chris Cervelli.
Steve Sciametta, Buyer
“I have known and worked with Chris and his firm for several years but only recently had the opportunity to close our first deal together . Chris is one of the top brokers in Hudson County because he has a library of off market listings and tracks market statistic and trends to help owners and investors make decisions based on fact rather than emotion. He knows the people, he knows the product and he is honest. This is why I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone looking to buy or sell a commercial property.
Brian Philipson, Buyer
“Chris Cervelli provided great value to me in the sale of my out of state property. He was very transparent, and walked me through every step of the process. He was very thorough in his research and execution, and I would highly recommend anyone looking to sell to look to Chris for guidance.”
Alan Skop, Seller
“Cervelli Real Estate helped me acquire my first investment property in NJ, and since that time has helped my family grow our portfolio. We also employ Cervelli to manage that portfolio, and because they are family owned and operated, their customer service is like few other companies I have dealt with. You can stand to gain a great deal of experience and knowledge with the Cervelli Real Estate family on your side.”
Amit Khubani, Building Owner
“Chris Cervelli was a great help to my family. We originally wanted him to help us sell our building that we had lived in for many years. He did a great job in getting us the price we wanted without a mortgage contingency. We didn’t realize the problems that we would encounter with the local building department. Chris demonstrated great patience and direction through the process, and even though it took many months to correct the issues, Chris maintained a positive outlook. If it weren’t for Chris’s focus and determination, the deal may not have closed. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to sell their building.”
Rosaura Medina, Office Manager at Davis & Davis Investments, Inc.
“Chris Cervelli helped me and my family by finding the right buyer that was willing to pay cash and close quickly. He has a strong knowledge of Commercial Real Estate and I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property.”
Jim Kim, Seller
“Cervelli was both the managing agent and broker for a multifamily property that i owned. I found them to be attentive, honest and trustworthy. He knows the real estate market in the Hudson and Bergen County areas and they will serve you well.”
Kent R., Papsun, Building Owner
“Chris is an excellent real estate broker that comes from his experience, expertise, diligence, responsiveness and levelheadedness. He is honest, forthcoming and has incredible integrity in his dealings. He gained our trust and respect quickly. He facilitated conversations between the parties to address serious challenges that could not be resolved by the attorneys. In fact, without his involvement at every critical step, the deal would not have concluded successfully. This was a complex transaction and Chris’s perseverance throughout the transaction was incredibly supportive. We highly recommend Chris without the slightest reservation to anyone looking to valuate and sell their property. ”
Vivek Singh, Attorney for Buyer
“My wife and I have been involved in real estate for over 30 years, having bought and sold many buildings over the years, always as absentee owners. Through my real estate corporations, we have utilized Cervelli Management to totally manage our real estate properties in the state of New Jersey for over 20 years. Over that time period, they have earned my respect, my undying gratitude and my absolute recommendation as probably the best real estate operation within the state of New Jersey, whether it is property management, partnering, investing or brokerage experience. The Cervelli organization manages a property the way an owner would run it if they were there on site - to reduce expenses and maximize profit in both the short term and long term. ”
Steven R. Strauss
“I first came to know Chris by way of referral. My company, which is based out of Manhattan, owner one building in Jersey City which we were looking to sell. We had owned it for many years but we decided that the timing was right and we wanted to sell. We had spoken with several brokers, but Chris's market knowledge, experience and follow up really shined brightly. After meeting with him, we were comfortable that he would get the job done. I can say that he was successful and much more! Chris was able to find a buyer willing to pay an unbelievable price for the property, There were some difficult issues that had to be overcome, but Chris's persistence and poise are what led us to the finish line!``
Adlai Souirgi
“Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management came through on the promise of finding a buyer that would close quickly. I admit my terms were tough, and most brokers would not have succeeded, but they have connections in the industry that provided a high level of value.”
Steven Porada, Seller
“I am fully immersed in the Hudson County Commercial real estate market as an investor and developer. Having dealt with so many professionals in the industry, I found Chris' experience, honesty and accessibility to be among the best. In this particular deal, we had some serious issues that seemed the deal was going to fall apart. However, Chris’ calm and perseverance made the deal go to closing with all parties satisfied.”
Diego H,Seller
Working on this transaction was difficult and time consuming because the seller was not well prepared to deal with the physical building issues and producing paperwork in a timely fashion. I can say without hesitation that it was the persistence of the Brokerage Team, Chris & Gary from Cervelli Real Estate, that held the deal together in order to close. If you have a building that you want to sell, call them.”
Stephen S.Purchaser
“Chris Cervelli helped me on a purchase of a building in Ridgefield which offered value and upside, however there were a lot of issues that prevented this from being a normal transaction. Brokers generally don’t deal with the issues that came up but Chris and his team made sure that all were handled in order to get the deal to close. For someone looking for a Broker that can help with a difficult deal, I would recommend Chris”
A local client of mine was looking to sell a portfolio of 3 mixed use properties that he owned in New York. He asked me for my recommendation. Although I already had a contact in New York capable of handling the transaction I used Find a CCIM to add two CCIM’s that were experienced in the local market and the property type to the recommendation. After meeting with all three brokers my client chose Chris Cervelli, CCIM. Chris had tremendous knowledge of the local market and put together a fantastic marketing campaign. Chris was able to get the highest and best price for my client. There were many challenges selling 3 separate properties all at the same time to one buyer. Chris put out multiple fires along the way. The entire time my client and I were fully confident in Chris and were both kept well informed. I will definitely refer any future opportunities to Chris in the Greater New York area.
Brian Ahearn, CCIM
“I first worked with Chris Cervelli back in 2011 where we discussed market trends in the Journal Square section of Jersey City. It wasn’t until about 5 years later that he did some valuation work for me and my partners when we were considering the sale of an office building we owned in the area. Throughout the process, Chris demonstrated a keen understanding of the market, professionalism when dealing with others and resources that were beyond a typical real estate broker. We ended up hiring him to sell the building, which was a very arduous process. The City, acting on a technicality, made it very difficult for us to execute on the contract with an existing tenant. This delay cost us the better part of a year, however Chris exhibited perseverance during our most trying times and he continued to push until the deal was closed. Chris is a broker who goes beyond his normal duty and thinks outside of the box to help his clients achieve their goals. He is a “valued-added” broker who communicates continuously and effectively with his clients. I will retain his services in the future and I can recommend him to any prospective seller without exception.
Thomas Tucker,Seller
It’s been some six weeks since the closing of the sale of my family’s property. Please accept this letter as a belated thank you. I often say to my customers that “exceeding expectations is the key to our success”. Well, you, Anna and Cervelli Real Estate certainly exceeded my expectations.

Selling a property that was owned by family for over 50 years is extremely emotional. Although it was a commercial property, it was my parent’s home for most of their lifetime. The selling process was frustrating at times. Your guidance throughout the selling process with the Union City Building Department and Buyer was invaluable and kept me on track with my personal objectives goals.

Thank you again for representing my interests. My sister-in-law is considering selling her Union City property in the coming months and I will strongly recommending your firm to my family.

4540 Bergenline Associates, LLC,Seller
“Chris Cervelli has proven his value to me as a broker. He is very even keeled especially when dealing with difficult deals and always manages to get them closed. “
Tal Steinberg,Seller
“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Cervelli during the years, and I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person. Mr. Cervelli has shown that he is very intelligent with a mind well-suited to the world of business.”
Melvina Collins
“Chris Cervelli‘s real estate services have been a tremendous asset to our firm in buildings is portfolio in Hudson County NJ. His professional talent has earned him a very strong and credible reputation amongst our firm, as well as many others within the industry. His reliability, integrity and diligence has earned him the consistent repeat business that he deserves. “
Steven Gelbtuch, President of Stone Gate Realty, LLC
“I started working with Chris many years ago in which he worked very hard with and for me. He displays strong leadership abilities and logical thinking abilities which led me to work with him on several occasions. If given the opportunity, you will not be disappointed in his work and professionalism.”
Helen McAdoo-Smith, Owner of Davis & Davis Investment, Inc.
“Chris and his team have been providing value to me and my investment group for nearly 20 years. Every investment I have made with them has provided double digit returns.”
Steven Strauss, Owner
“Chris Cervelli is a broker who understands time sensitive matters and works very hard to achieve his clients’ goals. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to sell property.”
Billy Santomauro
“Chris Cervelli and his team did a great job selling my building. I have dealt with other companies in the past, but they bring something different to the table. Chris knew about the market better than any of the other brokers and was able to provide us valuable information as it pertained to our property. He also markets the property much more than traditional brokers. Cervelli has a knack for exposing the property to the rights buyers willing to pay the most. I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property”
Stephen Miller, Owner
“Chris Cervelli has provided various commercial real estate services to me and my firm since its inception. Most recently, I called upon him to provide valuation expertise in order to mediate a discrepancy between partners involved in a commercial real estate dispute. Chris has also served as an expert witness for our clients on matters in the Bergen County tax Court. In every instance he was prepared and knowledgeable. I would recommend Chris to any commercial property owner looking to sell their real estate or in need of a valuation expert.”
D. Sam Han, Esq., Partner at Sobel Han, LLP
“Chris Cervelli has demonstrated to me on multiple occasions that he is a broker that adds value to a transaction. I was recently involved in the purchase of a mixed use property where the owner wanted to stay as a commercial tenant. There were also estate issues and building department issues that had to be settled prior to closing. These issues were not easy to resolve, but Chris’s perseverance and skill in dealing with them gives me confidence to recommend him to anyone looking to get involved in Commercial Real Estate in Northern NJ. “
Andrew,Lake Ave Investments
“We tried to sell our property with other brokers, but once we worked with Chris, we realized the difference. He told us exactly why our property wasn’t selling, and how he could. He did exactly what he said, and he is an absolute expert in commercial real estate”
“Chris is a very skilled broker that was able to sell the building just the way I asked him to without making a lot of noise and he made the process very easy. I was pleasantly surprised about how quickly we were able to close in all cash.”
``My partner and I were willing to sell the building only on our terms which we acknowledged were difficult, but Chris was able to perform and bring us exactly what we wanted. I would recommend him for anyone who is looking to sell, or needs consultation.``
“Chris Cervelli provided great value to me in the sale of my out of state property. He was very transparent, and walked me through every step of the process. He was very thorough in his research and execution, and I would highly recommend anyone looking to sell to look to Chris for guidance.”
I have had the opportunity over the past 8 years to develop a successful professional working relationship with Chris Cervelli of Cervelli Real Estate. Since I am the owner of a moving and storage business, Chris has worked with me in handling both individual and corporate relocation's in the New York and New Jersey areas.

On a personal note, after going through a bad experience from a potential buyer involving one of my commercial properties, Chris was able to guide me in the right direction at a difficult time. He was able to recommend a reliable attorney, and offered the correct advice in moving forward which resulted in the successful sale of the property on June 13, 2018. Chris has a straight forward style when dealing with real estate issues which I have come to admire and benefit from in my dealings with his real estate firm.

I believe anyone who gets involved on a professional level with Chris Cervelli will benefit from his knowledge and complete effort in making a real estate transaction a positive experience.

George Tool,Seller
“Cervelli is a family based Real Estate and Management organization I had originally hired to manage my real estate portfolio. We had identified one property within our holdings that I decided to dispose of. I remember as a child going to visit the buildings with my dad and through this I had gained a lot of experience. Despite this knowledge, I was not exactly prepared for the municipal bureaucracy that would ensue during the sale process. The building had a host of physical and paper work issues that had to be dealt with. Though this list of items that needed to be handled was quite extensive, Chris Cervelli and his team worked methodically to ensure that each of them was handled, and the deal was successfully brought to the closing table. There were many times where I thought that it may not close, but Chris’s steadfast perseverance and focus were of great help in making sure that I achieved my goal. Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen,Seller