Strip malls offer investors and property owners several unique opportunities. However, managing this type of property requires extensive knowledge and access to valuable resources. At Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management, we strive to deliver the best-in-class property management services. We specialize in managing and handling an assortment of property types, including strip malls. Learn more about our strip mall property management services for clients in northeast New Jersey.


What Are Strip Malls?

A strip mall can best be described as a collection of several stores located in the same building. Stores are usually arranged in a straight line and often are connected by a common sidewalk or walkway. A variety of store types can be found in strip malls, as well as dining and entertainment options. Strip malls vary in size, with some consisting of a couple thousand square feet and others over 100,000 square feet. The building itself often is strategically located in suburban or sometimes rural areas to attract a high volume of traffic.


Our Strip Mall Property Management Services

Our philosophy at Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management has always been to gear our premium offerings toward the unique needs of our clients. Our strip mall management services are no different. In addition to conducting day-to-day business operations, we take an in-depth look into what type of offerings your property needs so we can better serve you. While we work hard to keep increasing the value of your strip mall, our services also entail the following:


Emergency Repair Services

Given their complexity, strip malls can encounter emergency maintenance situations at a moment’s notice. These issues won’t always take place during normal business hours. Should this ever be the case, our staff will promptly locate the source of the problem and act accordingly. Our emergency services are designed to limit disruption as much as possible for you and your tenants.



To help prevent the need for emergency services, our team conducts routine property inspections. Every month, we thoroughly inspect various aspects of the strip mall to ensure all systems are functioning properly. Clients receive a digital copy of the report after every inspection. Within the report, we detail our findings and provide suggestions for preventative maintenance to protect the property’s longevity.


Vendor Relations

Owning a strip mall requires the use of several vendors. Our property management services give you access to reliable and affordable services. Over the years, we have built an extensive network of licensed and insured service providers. We use these healthy professional relationships to our advantage and make them available to our clients.


Professional Liaison

Should the need ever arise, we have relationships with accountants, government officials, insurance agents, and the Property Owners Association of New Jersey for your strip mall to use at its disposal. Our team will do all the heavy lifting by handling any necessary communication and paperwork. This will help prevent any complications with compliance, transparency, or efficiency.


Accurate Financial Reporting

As an investor or a property owner, it’s important to keep detailed records of financial reporting. Every month, we provide our clients with an in-depth look into how their strip mall is doing financially. Reports include reconciled bank statements, copies of all checks, and similar documents. Not only do these reports offer a glimpse into the strip mall’s value, but they’re handy during tax season or in the event of an audit.


What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to successfully managing a strip mall, it takes more than just offering professional services. It also requires an extensive understanding of the industry and how to get things done. Our staff members at Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management have 150 years of combined experience managing properties. We use our experiences to best navigate delicate situations and provide our clients with the best possible services.

In addition to experience, our staff holds several professional designations such as Certified Property Manager (CPM), Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), and Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO).


Rely on Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management

Owners and investors of strip malls looking for reliable retail property management services should turn to the experienced team at Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management. Located in North Bergen, NJ, we serve clients throughout the surrounding area, including Hudson, Bergen, Essex, Union, and Passaic counties in northeast New Jersey. Our experience as building owners gives us a unique perspective and understanding of how to manage your properties. For more information about partnering with our team or our successes, contact us today at 201-868-6300.