Office building manager and investor client talk on a rooftop

When investing in commercial office buildings and real estate, how the enterprise is managed greatly impacts its value. Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management has 30 years of experience and is an Accredited Management Organization (AMO). That means we meet high standards for financial, operational, insurance, and client service standards. Take advantage of our property management skills and experience with office building management, including mixed-use buildings. We also manage apartments, strip malls, retail pad sites, and industrial buildings in northeast New Jersey, including Hudson, Bergen, Essex, Union, and Passaic counties.

Trust Our Experience as Building Owners

Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management has gained valuable experience through operating our office buildings in New Jersey and New York. As a family-owned and operated business, our team has deep roots in the area. Our centralized office provides personalized services for both investment clients and tenants. We’re dedicated to preserving the financial security of investor assets, as well as providing a safe, clean environment for office tenants and their employees.

We understand exactly what office building management entails. That’s why we work hard to meet the expectations of investors and tenants. We expend considerable effort marketing to tenants, so office buildings are fully occupied enterprise magnets, keeping rental income flowing. At the same time, we regularly inspect the condition of properties under our care and are dedicated to effective preventive maintenance and timely repairs. This helps preserve the value of the office building structure, as well as its value and appeal to tenants.


Office Building Management Services in Northeast NJ

There are many benefits to investing in commercial real estate in New Jersey and New York. Financial expenditures often are well-rewarded with monthly cash flows. Leases can be held for long periods by office building tenants, providing stability that isn’t always found in other markets.

However, these enterprises also require compliance with local laws and regulations and frequent attention paid to the needs of tenants. That’s why hiring a knowledgeable property management company can help protect commercial real estate investments. Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management provides the following resources and skills.


24-Hour Emergency Services

Every day of the week, 24 hours a day, Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management staff is available to handle emergencies. Our long record of successes in commercial property management means we’re already prepared with solutions to problems that typically occur in office buildings.


Property Inspections

As a company policy, we inspect office buildings every month. This helps us get ahead of any problems that might occur and take care of repairs before they become more expensive. This helps us maintain frequent communication with tenants, as well. Each investment client receives a digital copy of the building inspection report to ensure transparent records of repair bills and preventive maintenance recommendations.


Financial Reporting

Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management shares monthly financial reports with our commercial real estate investment clients. These include bank statements, accounts receivable/payable, and copies of checks. This extensive accounting process also guarantees efficient tax returns and audits at year-end.


Networking With Vendors and Professionals

One of the most important aspects of property management is maintaining a rich network of professionals and vendors. These are the subcontractors, accountants, attorneys, and materials suppliers that help us keep costs down while delivering a high-end, satisfying experience for tenants. These relationships help us control costs.


Online Services

In addition to monthly financial reports, our online system allows real-time logins so investor clients can view accounts receivable/payable statements and open work orders. Our tenants use online services to securely pay rent and submit work requests. With digital online applications and lease processes, we can supply pertinent information to investors and provide helpful resources to office building tenants.


Hybrid Marketing Efforts

When it comes to advertising vacancies and ideal locations, we use every avenue, including newspaper ads, direct mail communications, multiple listing services (MLS), websites, and diverse social media platforms. We want to attract the best, most stable tenants as part of our property management services.


Investors Rely on Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management

Commercial real estate investments in office buildings can yield positive cash flows and returns. This is best accomplished with the services of a team that communicates openly with investors and tenants. Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management understands how to solve problems that arise in commercial building management, with systems in place that offer tenants convenient services and regular upkeep. We work hard to maintain the value of your investment. To learn more about our office building management services in northeast New Jersey, contact us today.