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Maximizing Return on Your Investment Property in NJ and NY

July 6, 2023

Potential investor tours urban apartment complex grounds along with consultant

Investment properties can be very profitable. But they also can present time-consuming challenges. Investors in New Jersey and New York with an interest in commercial real estate can choose the knowledge and experience of Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management. We are adept at problem-solving and overall property management of commercial investment properties in northeast New Jersey, including Hudson, Bergen, Essex. Union, and Passaic counties. We help clients maximize returns on commercial property investments.

Resources and Skills for Effective Property Management in NJ and NY

Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management handles a variety of property investment opportunities in New Jersey and New York. Our team oversees residential properties, with apartment management services that include mixed-use buildings featuring apartments and retail spaces, as well as office spaces. We are certified by the Property Owners Association (POA) of New Jersey. This assures us of the contacts and information needed to serve investors and tenants in this dynamic industry.

Here are some of the resources and skills we use to maximize investor profits and tenant satisfaction:


Our marketing efforts for investment properties include listings with multiple high-profile services throughout the area, a robust reach across social media platforms, and traditional marketing with flyers, signs, print ads, and effective direct mail campaigns.

Efficient Management Practices

We start with a budget that has been agreed upon by all parties and then work as a team to monitor expenditures. In addition, we always inform our investors of cost savings opportunities. The money collection systems used are proven, accurate, and secure. And investors receive detailed reports of transactions every month.

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections of all buildings are a hallmark of Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management practices. All existing issues are reported with full transparency, and we look out for potential problems. Investment clients receive digital inspection reports and are kept aware of preventive maintenance and repairs.

Savings Through Our Network

We stay up to date with a network of vendors, attorneys, accountants, and other respected professionals who offer our investors services and solutions at the best prices available. We inform investors of any cost savings opportunities.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Staff are always available to handle emergencies with investment properties. Our years of experience in property management mean we approach every circumstance calmly and efficiently. Our reputation and contacts allow us to call on contractors, members of the skilled trades, local government agencies, and others who can help solve problems that may arise.

Experienced Building Owners

Our systems and methods are well-proven with investors. In addition to apartment buildings, we offer office building management and retail property management, with the same high standard of accountability and proactive caretaking. As active building owners in New Jersey and New York, we bring our own knowledge and integrity to managing your investment properties.

Consult With Cervelli Real Estate & Property Management

As experienced building owners and property managers in northeast New Jersey, we are available for consultations. We would be pleased to offer advice on property evaluations or how to structure property investments. If you are interested in maximizing returns on property investments with a team of certified professionals, contact us today.