Cervelli Real Estate & Management strives to provide the highest caliber of service.

In doing so over the past 30 years, we have learned “best practices” and forged many strategic partnerships, allowing us to garner a well-rounded yet pointed knowledge in Commercial Real Estate. We offer services outside of the normal boundaries of just sales and property management which include but are not limited to the following:


Due Diligence & Financial Underwriting

Are you buying or selling a property, and want to protect your interest prior to becoming contractually engaged? We can serve as a third-party and offer our professional opinion, both on the physical and/or financial perspective.


Broker Opinion of Value

Do you represent a fund, or are you an individual from out of the area looking to buy a distressed property or debt, but aren’t sure about the market value? Are you just looking to know what your properties current market value? We can prepare a professional Opinion of Value based on market information to help you make a well-informed decision.


Syndication: Invest with our Experience and Track Record of Success

From humble beginnings, Cervelli Real Estate & Management has accumulated a high level of success and respect from our peers, competitors and clients. The reason for this is our straightforward and conservative approach to investment. Running a sales and management organization for over three decades has given us the opportunity to establish and maintain strong relationships with owners, vendors and government officials. Our experiences and relationships are used to seek, purchase and manage commercial investment properties that meet specific criteria. As a result of being highly selective, each of our investments has produced a 100% return of equity to partners while continuing to generate cash flow. We can also help you structure a team to help support your investment goals.


Acquisition Criteria


  1. Subsidized Multi-Family Housing on a National Level
    o HUD
    o USDA
    o Nonprofit and For-Profit
    o Expiring Tax Credit Deals
  2. Companies/Portfolios
    o Property Management Companies with or without Third-Party Contracts
    o Family Companies Considering a Merger
    o Strategic Partnerships
  3. Transaction size:
    o Equity: $1 million to $25 million +

(Unit Minimums may come into play based on Geography)